05 May 2010


you probably don't want to know how many times i've almost been hit by cars here. well, the numbers probably aren't too gruesome. probably not any worse than in any other city. but since i'm on a bike all the time, cars are my default archenemy. buses pose a threat, too, but it's the unobservant drivers who are the worst. since you can't make a right turn on a red light here, the cars (well, and bikes) have to wait until the light for crossing the intersection turns green until they can make a right turn. unfortunately, if you're in the bike lane (to the right of the car trying to turn right) trying to go straight through the intersection when your light turns green, this can pose kind of a sketchy situation. i mean almost 100% of the time the drivers are totally legit and check before turning, giving bicyclists priority (most of the time biking in copenhagen rules, by the way, especially now that it's not minus 100000 degrees and dark all the time. being able to feel your face while you ride = awesome), but damn! that other miniscule portion of the time is just stressful and has resulted in me giving a lot of people - usually old guys or people on cell phones, argh - hard glares and sometimes the finger. because being inconsiderate is just plain dangerous. and of course there is always the occasional nutso driver who does crazy stuff like pulling a u-turn on a boulevard in the midst of oncoming traffic, but that's normal in most of the world i guess so i'll try not to complain about it too much.

i would really love to go back to iceland. that's not going to happen this year. i'm really, really happy that i went when i did last summer. it's a magical place. i guess that's why it's exploding.


geneviève said...

your last line here is the BEST.
Þ laughed when i read it to him.

i really wish you could come back to our favourite island this year. but also i know you will. that is a for sure thing. i just wish it were sooner rather than later.

and the sheep sketch? damn. i want to put one on my wall. really though.

Indigo moon said...

I am loving that sheep

maya said...

thanks friends

i love sheep too