25 May 2010


i don't really bake, ever. i'm not good at it, and most of the time i just don't think about doing it. if i really want something sweet i usually just gnaw on chocolate. but tonight i wanted to finally use up some of my date syrup because i won't be able to take it with me on that plane to the states, so i mixed it up with melted chocolate (two bars), two eggs, a spoonful of baking powder and a can of garbanzo beans. out of the oven, the cake steams sweet and dark like a rich loam after a summer rain.

it tastes just right and made a perfect distraction from editing twenty-some-odd pages of essay. i want the semester to just end already so i can go back outside and play

in the falling flower petals that swirl on the wind, perfuming the sidewalks before landing in the gutters
and make wishes

'cause i'm a kid. copenhagen's real nice in the sunshine.

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