22 June 2010

coming home

well, here i am now, in the dark, with the heater buzzing beside me and only the roof over my head dividing me from the milky way. the biggest culture shock i have experienced thus far in returning to california from denmark has been the transition from the always-on city (sirens, dogs on leashes, apartment complexes, the metro, exhaust, exhausting) to the feral country (cows in my yard, mountain lion? poop on my driveway, thistles between my toes, a low-lying lake, sun slowly slipping between trees) where, if i want to go somewhere, i have to ditch my hilltop and drive a car to wherever i want to go. it's strange to drive again after so long.
i've been busy just making my house (er, trailer) into a home

and hanging out with my dog.

not to mention going to the beach, seeing family and friends, working, unpacking, and running errands. at the store, the selection of pasta sauces is overwhelming. not to mention the variety of cereals, dishsoaps, and paper towels. i remember, now, why i never made pasta sauce from scratch before living in denmark. it's a shame.

 california lunch - artichokes and sun

our avocados are to die for. in fact, i just might have gone to heaven. each one perfectly ripe and glowing green around the bulbous pit inside. and not only the avocados, but the heirloom tomatoes, the local apricots, and the blueberries straight from the farm. i am grateful for these things.

i missed farmers' market.

i've only been surfing once in the week i've been back. the surf's been really shitty with an offshore wind blowing and virtually no waves. this is the worst time of year. but it's also the best time. it's summer at long last. i'm willing to wait through the fog and the afternoon chill breezes for the santa anas and indian summer. when i'm in the water, all is in equilibrium.

denmark doesn't feel so far away.

it's only a fourteen-hour flight, even if the trip demands twenty-four hours of travel. it's close to me in my mind. i already miss hearing and speaking danish constantly. it's a surprise when everyone on the street knows what i'm saying when i'm speaking english. i don't have any verbal privacy. i miss my friends, too... but i'm still doing spontaneous yoga all the time.


Anonymous said...

What you have a trailer?
in cayucos?

Im getting homesick from this
..farmers market.. ugh.
its sunny outside. but im inside with uggs and a sweater on, even though its totally warm im compulsotory (sp?) cold.
today is sankt hans, so it will be cozy with bonfires all around the city. Im eating my dinner outside.

maya said...

yes, the airstream is one of my mom and ryk's projects and i'm living in it for summer. :) have you gotten some decent sun there yet?

bawkbawk said...

Yes, this all needs to be me soon. You are living the dream!