11 June 2010

how to leave after a year

buy a plane ticket
sell your bike
give away the rest
empty the fridge
return your library books
close your bank account
sign out with the government
do yoga
adopt strange sleeping habits
take pictures
cancel your cell phone contract
drink water
drink coffee
drink wine
empty the trash
clean the bathroom, even the shower
do dinner
find your passport
say difficult goodbyes
print your boarding pass

and, at some point, go to the airport.

it shouldn't be this easy.

when i signed out with the "central person register" (you have to turn in a "departure from denmark" form - i don't know how i feel about that), the woman working was like, "well, that's boring." no kidding.

most things, however, are not boring.


dice's muffins

baijie's soup

lo-fi goodness in the form of girls of the gravitron

and cafe time with esther

despite the grey days.

what is this, summer?

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