13 June 2010

i've been walking around in a fog

i feel like a bobble-head dog.

my head is disproportionately swollen and heavy in relation to my body but, because it's held on by a strong, flexible spring, instead of falling off, it just wobbles around.

i'm trying to stay sharp and aware but it's hard.

i'm so grateful for this year. i've learned, seen, and done so much and met so many unforgettable people. i've gained self-confidence and trust and become more curious about "the rest of the world", especially the world beyond the west.

i think the main reason why i am so critical of denmark is because they already have so much stuff figured out. there is so much that their society is already doing right and it just works (within the context of the society, anyway). i don't need to extoll the good things - the picture-perfect four-part families that stroll through the plentiful public green spaces, the bike culture, the local fixation with (preferably organic) ice cream and burgeoning interest in raw and "bio" foods - because they are a given; all i'm left with to consider is what doesn't work - in the eyes of an outsider, of course.

i'm going to miss living in a country where the spotting of a particular bird in the southern provices makes the news because there's nothing more significant going on, where elementary school kids walk home alone in the capital city, and where healthcare and access to high-speed internet are seen as fundamental human rights.

but i will be back!


Indigo moon said...

always spot on!

hsw said...
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hsw said...

I ran across your blog on the University of Copenhagen website. I am interested in studying at the University of Copenhagen for the spring 2011 term, but I had a question about the calendar. It says on the website the term runs from Feb 1 to July 1. I've heard that your term can end a lot earlier depending on your classes, but I also heard you don't register for classes until right before the term. How then do you know when you will be finished by?
I am just concerned because I will need to get a job in the states over the summer, and no way will I be able to if I get back that late, so I need to know when my term would end.

maya said...

hey hannah,
there is no way, really, to know in advance when your courses/exams will finish. with that said, most professors and courses are quite flexible and you can usually finish early - at least with the humanities courses, as far as i know - if you need to. a lot of the courses targeted towards exchange students end at the end of may to coincide with leaving denmark for summer. if you have any more questions, just ask!