28 June 2010

looking not back but down

i am not in copenhagen anymore and i am still writing in this blog. in this blog i am writing about things that are and things that i think may be.

yet for the most part recently i have not been writing in this blog or doing anything on the internet at all. this is because i've been busy doing things like surfing (learning how to stand-up paddle), sanding furniture, hopping out of the car on the side of the freeway to take pictures because of light too good to pass up, talking to strangers twice my age for hours, making new friends, decorating my trailer, visiting family, and relying on amtrak and being surprisingly impressed that the american train company could get me home not only on time, but five minutes early.

this summer i am living in a trailer at my parents' house. it is an airstream from the early 1970s that they have redone with bamboo floors; i've hung aprons for curtains. it is a good place to be for a few months of sun. i have been wanting to just hang out here and be creative while digesting the past year and transitioning from it into this one and proper summer, but the solstice was already a week ago and i have yet to make a single sketch of the chickens.

but that doesn't mean i've been up to no good. this weekend i was in berkeley to see my dear friend genevieve who, although she is from california, i know from copenhagen. i like the bay area and i like her very much. it was a good weekend

filled with cute shoes, coffee, and cava. i took the train home after she dropped me off at the station in oakland - a surprisingly modern and functional station, i thought, for an american one - and the trip wasn't too long. the coast starlight was old-fashioned and charming, with a dining car and an observation car. all down the central valley i watched fields of baby carrots and cabbage give way to oil fields which gave way to the salinas river which wound us all the way down to the city of oaks. in berkeley there were elms and beeches and it felt not so distant from scandinavia at all.