09 June 2010

något av det bästa jag har varit med om

it's light until at least 11 p.m. here now so there is absolutely no rush in getting things done while its still light as winter demanded. now there is a surplus of daylight - it wakes us up panicking at 4 a.m. if we are not still awake from the nearly non-existent night - but these last few days have been marked by a haze. the wet air hangs heavy and biking through it it is hot, almost, and grey. it reflects perfectly how the inside of my head feels as well as the appearance of my bedroom. with all my photos and pictures taken down, the place feels a lot bigger and, well, empty.

last week i was in sweden to visit my host family and friends one last time. the days there were perfect, all full of sun. i even got burnt and now my freckles are back. i got to see a couple of dear friends graduate high school (a big deal and a big party, incomparable to what happens in the u.s.), eat lots of awesome food, swim in the ocean for the first time this year, wander the city, run through the town, and, best of all, spend quality time with quality people.

marie's graduation, in her schoolyard filled with students dressed in white and celebrating friends and family. a happy day!

the subsequent party: how we do in jörlanda.

karin graduated too! in sweden, graduates literally run out of the building after the ceremony and each class sings a song and basically rages briefly on a stage before dispersing to their respective receiving parties, who hold signs so they can find each other in the crowd. 

göteborg is really nice - and not unlike copenhagen.


where we swim. the water is relatively cold but still warmer than central california - about 15 degrees celsius/59 fahrenheit!

coffee with my swedish grandparents (hej mormor och morfar!), the lovely couple who kept me not only well-fed but also amused with local history throughout my year and sweden and never disappoint on my trips back. i love them.

and anna's rabarberkräm. yum.

on the boat with my swedish pappa, the captain, of course.

dreamscape. the west coast is the best coast...

especially with fresh vittles like this.

this time of year the land is so lush and the forest is vibrant with life. i was so relieved for the respite from the city but happy to come back to copenhagen on saturday for my going-away party and a weekend spent with lotten. it was so lovely to have so many people i care about collected in one room and even though i didn't say any "proper" goodbyes - a "see you later" suffices - i loved seeing everyone and was saturated with love (and raw chocolate! and wine! and pineapple!) in return. oh friends. i have gotten to know so many wonderful people here, people with brilliant ideas, who take action, who make things happen, who are changing the world. we like to think of our generation as aware.

i want to write about leaving.

lotten, ready to go.

about how simultaneously difficult and easy the act is, about how i feel about the idea of it, about being used to it. because i don't feel like i have comprehended, at all, that i "leave" on monday. it is simply too easy to get up and go and i have done it too many times to be bewildered by the act. instead - and knowing that i will be back, but uncertain of when - i feel a little bit numb or jaded. like, i am packing so slowly that it's almost like i am not packing at all. but in a few days i will be packed and seated on a plane. it comforts me that i felt almost identically when i was leaving to come here. the only difference is that at that time i didn't know anything about my destination and, this time, i am bound for a place all too familiar.

with that said, i have four days left here. and they are going to be awesome.

 as awesome as these last days - which are flowing together into a giant clump - have been. bjørn and the view from the top of vor frelsers kirke.

today when i was biking home from the city, i was met with a raised bridge. this was the first time i've seen any of the bridges up and i was stoked to happen upon it. it feels like some good closure.

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