05 July 2010

going coastal

independence day in my hometown is nuts. the normal population of the town - 2,500 - swells to around 20,000, and it's a party all day long. i guess it's comparable to new year's. i hadn't been here for the fourth of july in a few years and had nearly forgotten about all the small things that ostensibly draw the thousands of tourists, like

the sandcastle contest (in which i have to admit, some entries were less than impressive: blame the recession)

the street fair (where i was almost tempted by æbleskiver)

and the parade (in which my stepdad played in a surf band).

but what draws us out from our hilltop home and down to the beach and into town, besides the sun, is the surf. this year there was a serendipitous south swell and i spent a good part of my afternoon in the water, chasing waves and dolphins while getting sunburnt everywhere that wasn't covered in neoprene, namely my hands and face. it was glassy all afternoon and i was so stoked after a few really fun waves that actually gave me some speed on my longboard. i can't think of any better way to celebrate anything.

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