27 July 2010

i kind of miss the city

we trundle ardently
through the dilly-dally circus
pacific valley is populated
by people who
just like to talk
just like that
highlights at the summit
include a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree panorama
and wildflowers
i don't want to find out
if i am allergic to bees

the body is an ecosystem
sipping last night's merlot
(letting the red
slide to the rear of my palate
to uncover the meaning of bitter)
i feel its effects
after half a glass
is it just me
or does it taste like fruit flies?
i remove my glasses
to draw better

lying on my stomach in the midday sun
waiting for august
- no lawn
just gravel and boulders and succulents -
my mutt chases a hen
onto my back
where she claws and flaps, upset
and caws her way
back to her eggs
thank goodness
i am not allergic to chickens

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