06 July 2010

la super-rica taqueria

the line to the hole-in-the-wall goes out the door, around the corner, and down the street - and we think it's early for lunchtime. there are more tourists than locals today as evidenced by the amount of antsy leg-twitching, santa barbara homes-browsing, and the speed (or lack thereof) of the line. at the counter they only have one window open and this contributes to the slowness. but i've waited over a year to eat at this place. i think i can last another forty-five minutes.

and this is what we wait for.

a woman in the kitchen pounds out corn tortillas on the same grill as the peppers, pork, and everything else.

the fresh salsa tides us over until our food is ready.

and, at last, at a communal table, we dig in to tacos de rajas, tamales, guacamole, and those steaming tortillas.


tiana said...

these look soo good, now im craving mexican food
great post! and blog!


maya said...

why, thank you!