19 July 2010

some weeks in eats

it's already been a while since i updated, oops! and i'm not meaning for this to turn into a food blog, but it seems like much of what is interesting that i take pictures of is edible. most of my days are pretty similar (sun read  eat read sun water eat read sun read sleep and so on) and often indistinguishable except for their meals and some such rare events as baseball games, my birthday, park time, bookstore-browsing, riding shotgun in various vehicles and such the like. every night i sleep and i do it so well and in the morning i wake up early and do it again. and in between i gnosh, most often excellently and in grand company.

huevos rancheros - corn tortillas, eggs, beans, salsa, and a bowl of fresh fruit for good measure - at a favorite cafe in town.

sushi - i'd missed this while abroad - with lovely ladies (whom i'd also missed).

dessert: bubble gum that ended up as all gum should: in bubble gum alley.

i did not eat those nachos, but i did drink that beer - my first legal drink in the united states. it was the first baseball game i'd ever been to, and the oakland A's won by a landslide in a game that included two successive home runs and a grand slam. happy twenty-first to me!

a post-birthday breakfast of some of my favorite things: salmon, asparagus, dolmas, broccoli, guacamole & salsa, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, fresh feta, fruit, and hummus.

starting the day in the city (san francisco, that is) off right with wholesome oats and banana chez becky dearest.

meeting up with some old friends who didn't know each other, we decided to try something new

and settled on ethiopian food, a sublime experience in the north oakland afternoon. one of those times when i am overjoyed not to be vegan. as much as i love lentils and vegetables (mmmm), there is nothing like well-seasoned lamb. wash it down with honey wine and you're good as gold.

in chinatown in oakland i got this fantastic husk filled with sticky rice and sweet bean curd. it was kind of like a pudding that you could eat out of one hand and it amused me for probably the better part of half an hour.


Indigo moon said...

Well your meals are worth documenting when they represent such a grand spread of diversity and beauty!

maya said...

they feed me straight to my soul :)


I'm drooling now. These are all things I favorite in food!