24 July 2010


i finally got some film developed. i didn't realize i was shooting black and white all along, and my yashica electro 35 apparently has a propensity for overexposure - you can't control the shutter speed on the rangefinder, only the aperture - but i am more than pleased with the results.

these are some of my favorites of people and places in europe

and in california.

there's hardly room for nostalgia when your life is a trajectory on a continuum of liminal space. i swear i live hardest in the transitions.

i am delighting in this song (letting biggie rap me through a morning of painting). it is probably the best thing i've heard since i heard the xx's "vcr" for the first time - it was winter, then, and so long ago already. damn right i love the life i live.



These are really wonderful. Delicate...for some reason, that is the feeling and sense that comes to my mind.

maya said...

thank you very much!

Natalja said...

the xx is one of my favourites!

I started to read your blog when i got news about Copenhagen Uni accepting me as an exchange student. Your blog was best of the bunch, and still it is :)

maya said...

thanks natalja :)

are you studying in copenhagen now?

Natalja said...

i am going there on August 31st ang gonna spend there whole autumn semester