13 August 2010

even sunlight is finite

my friend brandy came and took some photos out on the ranch the other day. catherine and i got to play dress up and find the light and the results, i think, are nothing less than stunning.

she shot these on infrared film, which creates the dreamy, ethereal look. i can't believe my normal evening turned into these images - if only every day could be so glamorous. it was fun to be on the other side of the camera (for once) and see the photographer's process.


mahler76 said...

My God infrared pictures are so nice!!! wish I could do that with my digital camera.

Anonymous said...

wow these are stunning.
I love them so much. they make me dream and make stories!

Alice said...

stunning, just like you said

maya said...

yes, i want to get ahold of some infrared film now!

alice, var i sverige kommer du fran (om jag far fraga)? jag bodde dar ett ar under gymnasiet :)