30 August 2010

a sight so bright it makes your eyes ache

on a night like this, when it is calm and clear and not too chilly, i like to make myself a cup of hot tea and take it outside with a blanket, turning out all the lights in my trailer, to watch the stars. they play tricks as my eyes adjust. the stars seem to flicker and i think i can make out colors among the planets. the milky way just hangs over me heavily, suspended like so much dust, and i think i couldn't be anywhere better.

costa rica inspired me. the colors spoke to me and i wish i could do all of my shopping at such boisterous markets, where transactions are personal interactions and people shake hands. anyway, i am back in california with only souvenirs, ticket stubs, and a bundle of images to prove that i did go anywhere at all.

here are some pictures that make me smile.

the lettering on milk!

buenos dias indeed!

bananas growing!

swordfish and religious propaganda, a great combination

i want one of these lamps in my home.

attention to detail

brilliant flora!


a snooty, silly coati

and an army of leafcutter ants. where are they going?

the toughest rooster

the brightest building


and a quality fruit stand.


Anonymous said...

I love the leafcutter ant picture!
that is amazing!

a trailer. blanket. the stars.
i think you got it, its magic love.
I cant wait to gaze at the stars with you, ive missed them.

maya said...

remember when we froze? now we won't.