04 August 2010

star light, sea bright

catherine and i went to santa cruz. we spent the better part of the two days lying on the beach and came back tan, not yet peeling. i love santa cruz. i love the last little bit of the drive up the one, coming around the hook to be welcomed by the pungent redwoods.

the weather up there was nicer than i expected. it was warmer than it's been here and i didn't have to wear a sweater at all on monday. the day was devoted to mexican food, sandy seabright, and getting cozy in my trailer.

it was a perfect beach day.

my trailer - where i will be living for the next year of school - is a cozy nest and i can't wait to move into it for good and make my own home among the redwoods.

monday's dinner was a lovely affair, shared on a picnic table beneath the trees. in the forest the sun sets slowly and evening lingers long. i hadn't realized what smells had i missed: morning mist, pine needles, mulch and salty sand.

it is a very different world from my danish one. welcome!


geneviève said...

i love how you are moving from one trailer in cayucos to another one in santa cruz. you are my favourite kind of traiiillller trashhhhh.

i miss you like wtf. you are ridiculously adorable in that picture. i like your style my pretty girl - always always.

love for you there, from me here.

Anonymous said...

if you saw a trailer towards the end with frogs painted on the side of it, that is partially my doing.

Indigo moon said...

Oh I cant wait for your trailer!
Your so lucky!
It is looking so lush and cozy there already.

You are glowing in the picture!
Im excited to feel santa cruz again, it is a good one.

maya said...

genevieve - i would love to be a part of your icy summer.

indigo - i can't wait for you to come visit!

and anonymous - i will keep an eye out for the frogs!