03 September 2010

food & drink

one of the things i was most excited about in costa rica was the fruit. i looked forward to trying all sorts of new treats and had, for the first time, good papaya. papaya, it turns out, can be delicious, but like bananas, i get tired of it quickly. it's just so sticky-sweet.

just about every restaurant i went to offered a fruit plate for breakfast. here with cafe con leche, yum.

in costa rica, anywhere you go there are these roadside restaurants serving "typical food" called sodas.

 they are fast food restaurants but serve rice, beans (and the national dish, gallo pinto), and fresh meat and seafood dishes, including my favorite, ceviche.

i love ceviche; i had the best ceviche i've ever had on the road somewhere between quepos and domincal. we ate it with spicy pickled carrots and peppers. unfortunately that was also the day we all got sick.

imperial - a bland pilsner - is the most common beer for the 'pura vida' life. i'm not really into beer though, and i had my first-ever pina colada in santa teresa, which i totally dug.

 also the fruit refrescos - i'm not really sure what all fruits i had, but i know some were blackberry, tamarind (which tastes like apple juice), cas (guava-like), and, my favorite, guanabana, milky sweet and vaguely tangy.

i was rather disappointed by the coffee in costa rica. sure, there was lots of it, but it never seemed to have much flavor, its strong point, rather, being the acidity, which makes your mouth water so you want more. i wasn't really into that - if i drink coffee at all, i like it to be heavy and strong.

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