06 September 2010


i never did see a crocodile in costa rica despite all the warnings about river mouths and muddy water. there was some muddy water, yes (and maybe that was part of the reason why i spent about ten days of the trip sick to my stomach), but there seemed to be little danger in it. no threatening jellies or stingrays. i was surprised. in fact i hardly even saw spiders or anything scary in that vein - instead, i found geckos and iguanas, which were lovely.

 i was fascinated by the flowers.

in jaco i thought i had a transcendental surf. i came out of the water stoked after some long rides and the most joyful bottom turn of my life (on a head-high face with the bright midmorning sun shining strong on my summer skin) with a little fin ding on my back and the fear of a re-broken collarbone after taking some set waves on the head. after a granola bar i was okay though - no fractures. no sharks either. deep breaths. whew.


jaco was touristy but also very much a real town with people going to work and school and such the like. we only stopped there for surfing and breakfast, though, before continuing south to dominical, which turned out not to be much of a town at all. i liked breakfast with cafe con leche and ordering in spanish and the streetside view of monday morning happenings (not a whole lot).

i found a really nice lacy leaf when i was sick and wandering around in domincal.

i relished being able to surf without a wetsuit: i loved being able to feel the saltwater and sun directly on my thirsty skin. the water didn't feel that warm when you first stepped into it, but once you got all wet it was the same temperature as the air and it's all good, so good.

this volcano - arenal - was just puffing away.

all the palm trees certainly paint a picture of paradise.


geneviève said...

this skeleton-lace leaf is magic and i adore it and wish i could have one in a gold plated frame in our new house here.

also - i am enamored of the top of your blog the way it is now with the ocean so big there. my computer is tiny - remember it? - and so when i first click to go to this lovely space between wet and dry all i see is that SEA! and that is all one really needs sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just went to Costa Rica with you, that was a very stunning leaf!
and its so beautiful. Im not very happy to hear about the crocodiles, I didnt know that!
well im glad you didnt see any. (unless you wanted to see them) but it makes me scared. whoosh.
lots of love my dearest.

maya said...


the big water makes me happy too. i ALWAYS need it.

and indigo, i am relieved that i never encountered a crocodile... :)