01 September 2010

the rain

despite the bounty of flora, fauna, and generally intriguing things to look at in costa rica, i have to admit that, to me, the defining feature of the place was - and, until i visit in the dry season, will continue to be - the rain. never anywhere else in my life have i seen such big raindrops. the biggest raindrops exploded like bombs, rain grenades. one fell in my shoe and squish! soaked the bottom of my right foot, while, as the drops were so scattered you could more or less dodge them, the rest of me remained dry.

driving the panamerican highway (!) before the storm

 other days, like when we were horseback riding "in the jungle", i just got soaked more or less instantly. the rain began to fall and once it began it was the heaviest and most all-encompassing thing there was. everything else, except for the motion and heat of the horse between my legs, became null in the sopping void. from the moment the skies let go, there was no escaping getting soaked, and the only thing to do was to hang on for dear life in my wet jeans.

other times, though, the precipitation was not quite so violent. there were all these late afternoons that faded into evenings of soft drizzle. because it was warm outside you never really did get cold. i don't mind rain like that, especially when you go to sleep and wake up and it is brilliantly clear again.

the lightning that so often accompanied the rain, however, was really feisty. one time - on the road on a flooded peninsula (scariest day of my life?) - it struck so close that i saw the lightning bolt and heard the thunder simultaneously, blinded in the backseat of the rented four by four.

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