03 October 2010

It's definitely not summer anymore. October came quickly, on a gust of warm wind of Indian summer, for which I was thankful. During those days it was too hot and everyone was complaining but also smiling. The basil I bought at farmers' market wilted a little during the ride home but not so that it lost its potency.

When I woke up today it was foggy and the fog only got thicker throughout the morning. By ten o'clock just about everyone had left for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the free music festival in San Francisco, but I stayed and got a lot of work done with a buddy at a cafe and also went for a lovely sunshine walk.

One of the things I love best about being back in a smallish town (around forty thousand people - not small to me, but not too big, either) is running into people. In Copenhagen, if I ever met someone I knew in a cafe or on the Metro, it was some kind of divine encounter. Here, though, there are certain places where I just can't help seeing familiar faces, like the market and Caffe Pergolesi. Running into people never fails to make me happy, and it's not so difficult to make new friends, either.

One thing I really miss from Copenhagen, though, is biking alongside friends. Here, the bike lanes are so narrow - and the cars so aggressive - that it's next to impossible to bike side-by-side and have a conversation with your friend while riding. I tried on the way down to town yesterday but between the zipping wind in my ears and cars trying to pass, I couldn't hear a thing Chelsea was saying.

I'm having a hard time adjusting to American school - "college", although it is a four-year university - because I'm not used to having assignments due multiple times a week, and classes at varying times on different days of the week. It seems like I am always rushing off to a class here or wondering if I am about to be missing a class. In between, though, my time is filled with adventures: the forest, the beach, gardens, wineries, Victorian houses, and, of course, my dear trailer park.


Barbara said...

I see you have adjusted to using capital letters, though! Have your college instructors been working on you?

maya said...

hm, not so much - i always use capitalization for schoolwork. but my poetry professor has instilled it in my head how dumb it is to be 'avant garde' and not capitalize - it's already been done so much and so long ago - so when i am trying to be 'professional' i capitalize. still not so much in informal writing though. :)