28 October 2010

a little bit on language

Since Lotten has been here and we've been speaking lots of Swedish, I've been thinking a lot in Danish. So much, in fact, that it's crept into my conversations, and I catch myself all too late saying I'm "ved at gøre" ("in the midst of doing") something instead of "håller på med att göra" whatever it is that I am speaking of. Maybe Danish is even more efficient than Swedish, and that's how it gets its place in my head. I can't help valuing efficiency. I feel like Swedish is lodged much deeper in my head than Danish - since I spent my time in Sweden living the language 24/7, whereas in Denmark I spoke a lot of English - but maybe my more superficial experience of Danish has left it easier to access. I'm having a hard time recalling a lot of words in Swedish, things like "porcupine" and "cowlick." At the same time, my English seems to be suffering. I keep catching myself misconjugating the verbs in my notes for anthropology.

Linguistics is way too complicated. I want to be a geographer.


geneviève bjargardóttir said...

geographer - oh yes - me too.
we have the big map of iceland on our wall now.
some old 19th century maps of it will be there also with it soon.
i like just to look at it.
geography is wonderful.

also - speaking of both danish and geography actually - i have a little packet i am putting together for you. it will soon be ready for mailing.

i miss you a lot.

Anonymous said...

Jeg kender den forvirring.
Jeg flere sprog jo mere forvirret.
Nu blander jeg dansk, engelsk, thai ;)