24 October 2010


my best friend from sweden is right here right now
asleep on a stack of quilts and felt on my linoleum floor
right next to where i am working
under my fiberglass roof
where the rain is tap tap tapping

yesterday we did all the good californian things
got burritos for lunch
spent an hour trying to get her t-mobile account going
with a new york zipcode and swedish driver's license
and shaved the sides of each others' heads

for dinner we made cookies
while they were in the oven she told me about her rideshare
from austin to phoenix to los angeles
and the hot dog man she left in texas
and we ate the cookie dough and drank zinfandel


Indigo moon said...

I am glad she is with you!
It must be scandinavian visitors month in the park!

maya said...

yes... the park is full of love!