31 December 2010

2010 was the year

The lakes froze solid in Copenhagen, and you didn't have to be on the bridge to walk across. There were couches, ice skaters, and dog-walkers out there through the winter months.

I went to Berlin, where I was linguistically bewildered and ideologically pleased.

I rode my bike everywhere.

I visited one of the oldest forests in Denmark to celebrate spring with dear Liv, Rune, Indigo, and Oumer.

Principles of Danish design became an essential part of my life.

I lived in Tietgenkollegiet.

I visited Laura in Switzerland, where I got an idea of how entertaining should go down.

After aperitivo comes dinner; after dinner comes coffee. Just a little one! And a little chocolate.

I realized I need to learn Italian. Dona a noi la pace (give us peace, if I'm not mistaken)...

Back in Copenhagen, spring was chilly but pleasant.

Esther and I found a favorite café.

I went to Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea just south of Sweden, with Dice. If I were ever to live in Denmark again, I would move to Bornholm.

And I celebrated graduations and summer with extended family in Sweden. There is nothing like the warmth of early summer in the North.

I spent the summer at my parents' house in golden California.

I turned twenty-one, went to my first-ever baseball game (where the Oakland A's beat the Anahemi Angels fifteen to one), and had my first legal beer. And a margarita.

My dear friend Catherine lived with me for the summer. We went to Santa Cruz and the beach

and to Big Sur. Hell yeah!

Becky and I reunited - thank goodness - before she relocated to Portland.

I took too many planes

and spent a couple of weeks indulging in Costa Rica.

No matter how I tried, I could not get enough sun. Sun, sun, sun - I needed all I could get to compensate for the Vitamin D deficiency I returned from Denmark with.

I tasted a fine convergence of soil, sun, vines, and vintner at Castoro Cellars.

I moved back to Santa Cruz, where I continued being trailer trash

and met some kickass women (and some cool guys, too).

I let myself wander

and had quality time with my girls.

So much more than this happened - these are just a handful of photos that mark my Year of Decision.  2010 was a year of transition: I spent half of it on one continent and the other half on another. I'm happy I have all these (and many more) beautiful humans to share my life with. I'm happy that I have this beautiful life to share with all these humans. Let the hootenanny go on. Tonight, I will toast to letting go. Huzzah!


geneviève bjargardóttir said...

oh i love this - it is wonderful
thank you for sharing all these little pieces of your 2010

i cannot believe it was just a year ago that you were over here on this side of things. and denmark was beautiful for bringing us together. i wish you still were - in a way. but i know that it is not the way it should be. but i miss you. it seems wrong that we only were together in the flesh once this year - it just seems like it was not that way. my wish for 2011 is that we will find each other somewhere again - even just for a little while.

love for that past year and this new one.

Ewa said...

hi Maya,
I am following your blog and wanted to say thanks for all the entries that I enjoy reading.
I am Polish, but I have been in Philadelphia for the past 5 years. I am thinking about moving to Denmark and wanted to ask you some questions. Can I emial you?

maya said...

hey ewa! of course, my email is mayaweex@gmail.com. peace!

Emerald G. S. said...

Very nice Maya. Love the photos. You've had a fruitful year.

I am glad we are friends.