29 December 2010

intimate words from familiar strangers

"Sky-scraper used to mean the tallest mast of a sailing ship. The ships have left, but unwittingly we still refer to them when we name what we see."
-Eileen Myles, "About Martha Diamond" in The Importance of Being Iceland


"Being loved by the world is no substitute for having been loved by one person when you were small, and besides the world is a lousy lover."
-Erica Jong, Fear of Flying


"People are moving to California
who hate the beach and things
I think they'd rather watch t.v.
than hear a real person sing
course nowadays at parties
you got louder stereo equipment
so now if the party's too loud
it's like a radioactive shipment"
-Jonathan Richman, "Parties in the U.S.A."

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