21 January 2011

rolling revolution

January finds me wanting to head south. Instead, I go in circles. I ride my bike all over the city - finally I am again bombing hills with the wind whipping through my short hair and wrapping my sweater around my rushing, bent-over body. I have worked up the courage to ride quickly and mostly in high gear - and I walk blocks, as well as loops between classes. Biking is faster, but I see more mushrooms, berries, leaves and deer on foot.

But there are also roller skates; on skates, I also move in circles. The other night I went to Santa Cruz Roller Palladium where, for less than the cost of a movie ticket, I skated for a solid two hours to groovy tunes ranging from "Celebration" to Lady Gaga. I wasn't going fast enough until I took a hard fall and banged up my left knee pretty good. When JT's "Sexyback" came on, I had to pull myself up and back out onto the slippery, slippery floor. And roll, pell-mell, around and around and around.

flying roller skate and a full moon

mad meghan

disco ball and inline figure-eights

I'll be back.

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