13 February 2011

being a human is so cool

I love being a human. One of the reasons why I love being a human is because being a human allows me to have this concept of "cool." It is one concept among many that I share with many other humans, even if all of us humans have different perceptions of "cool." I think it is cool that I keep accidentally typing Ø instead of " because my keyboard is set on Danish. I think Danish is cool because it has three vowels that English doesn't. Sometimes when I speak Danish I feel cool, though mostly I feel goofy trying to spit out the consonants. Wikipedia has a definition for "cool". It is somewhere along the lines of hip. Jack Kerouac was cool. He was an original hipster. Beat was cool; beat came from jazz. Jazz is cool because it lets the rules go. Being human is cool because being human means being able to do whatever.


Emerald G. S. said...

This, is excellent.

Being a human IS cool. Want to know why I think being a human is cool???

2. Sex
Humans have a lot of fun via sexual pleasure. Some other animals do that, like bonobos and dolphins, but IMHO, humans are the best at sex.
3. As you so eloquently stated, we can do whatever.
4. Bipedal locomotion rules. So do titties.

Love me?

maya said...

bipedal locomotion rules hardest when pedals and cranks are involved.