28 February 2011

bright night morning (and other sweet tunes)

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Silje Nes at a cafe here in Santa Cruz. Silje Nes, from Norway but based in Berlin, plays beautiful and eccentric folk music, making use of a xylophone, marimba, flute and guitar. She also plays with a violinist and percussionist. Her music, a kind of makeshift symphony, drew me in, and I ended up perhaps a little too close to the stage trying to capture the moment.

While Silje sang and managed her instruments, Mats in the background did percussion. He comes from Bergen, a mountain city in Norway. After the show, he told me what he loves about the U.S.: Montana, the desert, California. He's been to forty-six states, and was hoping it would be warm by the time they got to California. Of course, they come on the coldest weekend in years.

And here I am wanting so badly to go to Bergen.

After the show, my girl Emerald and I went dancing.

This chick and I started the dance party. The DJ was playing hip hop, and when it got upbeat enough to dance to, we were the first ones on the dance floor. Here we are taking a much-needed water break.

I topped off the delightful weekend with a haircut. Now I have the lightning bolt I've always dreamt of.


Emerald G. S. said...

Hey eyes-shut-lightning bolt,
This is an awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

Indigo moon said...

LOVE your new haircut!!!!
You are an inspiring womyn in so many shining and glorious ways!