09 February 2011

how to eat an acorn squash

it can be easy
it doesn't have to be complicated
especially if you're like me
and you're hungry

what you do is this:
you take a squash
if it's an acorn squash, that's good
that's what i'm talking about
but any squash will do really
as long as it's a squash
and not entirely moldy

take a knife
make sure you are near a cutting board
or some other hard, stable surface
and hold the squash there for a moment
so it is the squash you cut
and not a stray finger of yours

take the knife to the squash
slice it down the middle
through its belly
well done!
and scoop out the seeds and other goop in the middle
with a spoon or your hands

i hope you washed your hands
before touching the squash
but if not, it's alright
everything ends up down the drain anyway

take your two squash halves
put them on a plate or a baking sheet
whatever will fit in your toaster oven
drizzle them with olive oil
or butter, if you prefer
though i find butter difficult to drizzle
and sprinkle them with spices
maybe pepper, cumin, and cinnamon
perhaps paprika and curry

place both halves in the toaster oven
listen to that wonderful whirring of the timer
hope that half an hour means something
smell the fruit roasting

while the squash bakes
cook up some polenta
by mixing the grain with water
and a little salt
and putting it on to boil

when the squash is steaming
and seem like it might be done, try it
take the knife to the center of the fruit
cut out a slice
eat it
is it soft?
does it taste good?
if not, keep baking

when the squash is baked
and the polenta is thick and bubbling
take the squash out of the oven
and the polenta off the hot plate
and fill the cups of the squash with polenta
grate some parmesan cheese over the polenta
and sprinkle the whole thing with rosemary
put it all back in the oven

when the smell becomes unbearably delicious
and the cheese is crispy
and your stomach is rumbling
turn off the toaster oven
and take out a plate
put the squash on the plate
and pepper on the squash
and dig in


Maj said...

That is probably the most beautiful recipe I have ever read. I'm gonna try it - sounds delicious

maya said...

thank you, maj! you'll have to tell me how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, can't wait to try this dish...