18 February 2011


For the past month, I've been interning at Santa Cruz Weekly, one of Santa Cruz's two alt-weeklies and the only one in full color. When I first showed  up as an editorial intern, I thought my editor would just have me proofreading, moving things around on the computer, and running errands. 

I spend two afternoons a week in the downtown office. I even have my own desk and computer. Not only do I move things around on the computer and manage part of the website, but I actually get to write. I do two little music "blurbs" about upcoming shows every week and have written a couple of short articles, including this one about roller skating.

I'm really happy to see behind the scenes of local media. The insight will come in handy when I find myself no longer a student and all-too-probably trying to get by as a freelance writer.


Stacy said...

Great article in the Santa Cruz weekly. My favourite roller skating 'move' was Shoot the Duck.

maya said...

Thank you!

What's Shoot the Duck?!

Anonymous said...

thats amazing!