14 March 2011


"The way the war has become a background track to our lives is related in some subtle but real way to the sense of meaninglessness, resignation and social isolation that so many people feel."
-Slingshot newsletter, autumn 2010

I have mostly stopped using the serial comma, but every once in a while it sneaks in out of habit. I prefer not to use it, but in some cases - a list of many names, lists with descriptions requiring clauses, in quotations - it makes things clearer.

Today I stopped downtown on my way home because my bike was making a worrisome clicking noise, and I wanted to check the wheels and chain to see if anything was, I don't know, stuck. When I paused on Pacific in front of New Leaf with one hand on my bike seat and the other on the rear wheel, about to give it a spin, a girl stopped right to my side. We made eye contact and she said hi. I said hi back. She said she liked my glasses. I said thanks. I never know how to react to compliments.

From my new house, I follow the salty air to the sea. It astounds me that I was able to live for so long so far from the beach.


Stacy said...

That was a great way to handley a compliment. I used to say thanks and then follow up with some silly comment like, 'They were really cheap.' but now I just say thanks. It leaves the opportunity for futher conversation.

maya said...

ooh, good point. i'm trying to do away with the lame follow-up comments i sometimes make, too, but sometimes i wonder if people are expecting a compliment in return.