24 March 2011

marine delicacy

On Monday evenings, Soif has live jazz and dollar oysters.

I'd been wanting to go to the wine bar. It's on the hoity-toity side for Santa Cruz: the kind of place where people take their colleagues, their dates, their out-of-town friends, and the prices show it. But they have dozens of wines from around the world, and so makes a perfect respite when you want a cosmopolitan taste without leaving the laid-back bubble. In the restaurant, all the best aspects of life in hippie wonderland remain: the service is friendly and personal, the music is groovy and there is a communal dining table. The communal table is where Tessa and I ate, drank, scrutinized and delighted.

What with the hot jazz and scrumptious deals, the place was quite crowded, and our wine came long before our oysters did. We had ordered just one of each species to try, and were surprised that the wait should be so long. When finally they did arrive, Tessa was valiantly assumed the role of guinea pig.

First a confusing treat - then a delicious delicacy! The buttery fish sure did pair finely with the Muscadet.

The seaweed was a pertinent reminder of where the oysters come from. Mingling with the aromas of the sauces - cocktail and, my favorite, garlic - and lemon, it pleased me, made me feel at home. That's what the ocean smells like, you know.

So, now I am wanting to go to France. Of course.

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Emerald G. S. said...

Baby, I love you. And miss you, so much. I am so glad you liked Soif and I love what you wrote about it.

When I was reading a friend's dense/long thesis (last year), I used to go there once in a while and treat myself to one glass of white wine while reading at the bar. The service is really pleasant. They let me try so many different wines, on the house.

Can't wait to see you, soon. I hate how much I miss my friends.