10 March 2011

thank you

Thank you, Trailer Park, for giving me a roof over my head and trees over my roof to keep me cozy, safe and warm for the past six months.

For neighbors who are friends and friends who are neighbors.

For introducing me to mycelia, practical anarchism, and the harmonium.

For free-box fashion, which has prevented me from spending any money at all on clothes this year.

For potluck, pig heart, and an unfailing sense of humor.

For an excellent desk.

For showing me how to use a propane stove.

For teaching me to effectively set boundaries in a setting where the grey area of uncertainty is the norm.

For giving me a place to shave a sister's head.

For being the polar opposite of modern, concrete Tietgenkollegiet, but just as good to me.

This weekend, I'm moving out of my trailer and into a room near the ocean.

It's been a sweet ride in the park, but I'm ready to smell the sea every day. I get disoriented in the forest when all I can see around me is trees. Looking up, I can see a circle of sky, but except for at sunrise and sunset, it looks the same in every direction. With that said, here I am, hoping to get oriented.

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