29 April 2011

how to make a california girl happy

sit her at a square table in the window of the town's top taqueria between shopper's corner and some salon

charge her only $2.74 for a pork tamale with a heaping sides of guacamole and lettuce, tomato and queso; number her order 1

while she loads up with three different salsas and a cup of limes, deliver the plate to her table

work the cash register, keep an eye on the aguas frescas and the soccer game on the television - the restaurant stays lively but mellow through the lunch hour

know the sensation of a tongue tickled with cinnamon in the red sauce; watch her entertain the idea of a chile relleno, someday

don't block her view of the bike lane - occasionally a beautiful stranger speeds by - or her own bicycle, newly repaired, locked to a rack outside

leave her alone for the twenty minutes while she eats, and bus her table when she gets up and leaves


Emerald G. S. said...

Love it, love you.

Stacy said...

This is really great Maya. Very sensory.

maya said...

thank yous :)

Joan said...

yo amo esta taqueria muy mucho! Soquel really has it :]