03 April 2011

p-town wail

At the end of last December, I decided 2011 was to be the year of the radical. In many ways, it has been. Internationally, governments have been overthrown, new power structures have emerged; people all over the world are protesting. Closer to home, things are pretty wild, too: everybody's outraged about one cause or another. These politics look radical, but it's hard to imagine anything actually changing.

The most radical stuff I've witnessed all year, or maybe ever, is art. Unlike politics, where it can take ages for a law to pass or for the effects of taxes (or tax breaks) to trickle down (or not) to the people, art is immediate. After all, we want instant gratification. 

My friend and classmate Minea Herwitz made this video, a beat-inspired film/poem, which I think depicts our generation with uncanny accuracy. Simultaneously ironic and honest, it makes no bones about life in the hipster wonderland that is contemporary California youth. The film alternates between images of people laughing and dancing - having a good time - and its maker speaking directly into the camera. It's very beautiful, especially the beach scenes at the end.


Minea Herwitz said...

Maya, you have inspired me to blog. mineaherwitz.blogspot.com

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