14 April 2011

spring in santa cruz

How much time to do I spend trying to balance politeness and honesty? Pretty much all of my communicating hours. It's why I like being alone, and sleeping. Regardless, I love being around people; there's nothing like them. We spend our first hours learning each other - each others' languages, histories, hand signals; if we're lucky, we eventually figure out how to talk. I like being around people enjoying themselves. It's that simple.

April means allergy season again. All the more reason to vacuum, except I really have too many other things to do. Like chat with strangers on East Cliff.

Have dinner parties with friends. Take dips in the chilly ocean at Seabright.

String words together, and put them with pictures.

Today when I got out of lecture at 7:20 p.m. there was still sun in the tops of the tallest firs and redwoods and the cherry blossoms were wavering all down the hill and I rode home through the sunset singing Smokey Robinson and Elvis Costello.

That's all.

And it's plenty.

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