30 May 2011


At my happiest, I am coasting across town on the rattrap of a steel-frame ten-speed. Once, on the way from Ocean Street to a Victorian downtown to listen to music, I had the occasion to wonder how much of Japan may be uninhabitable. 

Another time, rolling through red lights well after dark from I Love Sushi to a board-game party, Speed Scrabble sounded like a lot of fun. 

And yesterday, when I was too tired to walk after eight hours of printing (my book is finally looking like a book!) and some hooting, hollering, stomping and dancing at Lucas' art opening, Travis gave me a ride to the Westside to pick up my bike from Olivier's house (where I'd left it after his birthday party) en route to Trivia at the local Irish pub. Nick loaned me his helmet for the ride, insisting that I needed it more than he did zipping down the hill at dusk; Travis handed me his red LED light to hook onto my back belt loop, and we were off. 

Because the rack I was sitting on was very narrow, I tried, for the first time, sitting sidesaddle, and found it both comfortable and easy enough to balance. 

We made it down the hill like that just fine, and I wish, almost, that we had gone a little faster.


Elaina said...

so good. so cute. and i like the new design/photo/color scheme.

geneviève bjargardóttir said...

me too!

Maya said...

thanks, darlins!