12 June 2011

sides speakeasy

Old-school (1920s, 30s and 40s) swing dancing.
At 515 Kitchen & Cocktails.
DJ Tom LG spins vintage vinyl.
Viper jazz, big band and blues.
Monday nights from 9-12.
Free to attend. Not to mention glamorous.


DJ Tom LG said...

Wow, Thanks for the nod. I found this by accident. Please come again sometime.

Regards, DJ Tom LG

Maya said...

cool, thanks for "stopping by"!
do you also dj at the red sometimes? or was that someone else last friday evening...?

DJ Tom LG said...

Yep, I play old records every Friday at the Red 7-10pm.. You really made some friends day when I showed them this.. it was really nice to see what the speakeasy looks like from the other side plus I've never seen my wife and I dancing.. it was so sweet. Thanks again for taking notice of what we are doping on Mondays! -TLG