30 June 2011

sounds good, looks good, feels good too

Way back when Boo-Boo's still had the 3-for-a-dollar box going on, I bought a self-titled CD by this band called Sally.

I picked it up because I was intrigued by the cover art, but - cheapskate that I am - I only bought it because the song names - "Candy eat baby," "Silver, is grey," "The bread with the soup was astounding" - were so damn fresh.

It certainly added a new element to long ride home with my best friend, her older brother, and their mom.

The best bands, it seems, always have a girl bassist. I'm thinking explicitly of the Talking Heads.

Tina Weymouth. God.

Sally is super moody, bassy and shoegazey, with impeccable pacing.

This music is the only thing that feels good in me right now as I'm immobilized with a respiratory infection.

Some summer.

No, really, actually, it's beautiful.

It was seventy-five degrees today and and I'm a stone's throw from the ocean and if there was Bingo for swallow poop on rural property I would be winning mad hard.

"Sedate me" is totally my favorite track right now.

I refuse to take NyQuil, but I am, to my mother's relief, on antibiotics.

So, in the midst of all this mooning about, imagine my delight when I find Sally released a second/last album in 2009.

"Sunday" sounds like the love-child Sonic Youth and Fugazi never had.

It's not the fever that's making me shiver, I swear.

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