16 June 2011

talking about the weather

After many hours writing, revising and re-revising poems, putting together a manuscript, picking a typeface, setting type in the press, designing my book and finally printing it, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel when it was time to fold the pages into two signatures and sew them together. I used a simple pamphlet stitch to sew one signature of three pages to the other of four pages.

Never having bound a book before I set out to make this one, seeing my book take shape as an entity of its own had a gratifying quality as mystical as trigonometry about it. The magic that unfolded when a single piece of waxed string threaded through three tiny holes tied the first copy of concept together was so beautiful that I almost teared up before leaping up from the table in excitement to poke the holes in the remaining twenty-four copies. Then I had to sit back down for stability.

The last step was to insert the bound work into carefully folded and scored covers, each of which I hand-painted individually with the book's title and my name. Talking About The Weather is an edition of twenty-five in which each copy is as different as its recipient.


Elaina said...

Dear Maya,
I'm scheming, working on something to trade. I never would have dared to ask for a copy, but since you suggested an exchange, I really do hope you'll reserve one for me.
Your friend,

becky said...

oh man! i hope i have an opportunity to see one of these.

Maya said...

elaina - wow! i can't wait to see what you come up with.

becky - i can't wait until i have an opportunity to see YOU.

Indigo moon said...

... wow


Jeg er bange for det lyder kliche, men jeg synes det er så smukt at din poesi og observationer har taget form i denne verden, i denne bog, i dig.
Jeg glæder mig sådan til at se den, mærke den, læse den.

Det føles stort.

Jeg elsker dig pige!
(er det ikke sjovt, hvordan en sætning på et sprog kan have en anden slags underlagt betydning end hvis man sagde de samme ord på engelsk fx?)

Patch said...

This is fucking amazing

Maya said...

i am so glad you approve! og mange tak!