01 June 2011


If you like calamari; if you like butter; if you like escargots (or just the idea of it), chances are you'll adore tripe.

Feeling adventurous at the taqueria yesterday, I ordered a super taco de tripitas. This is what I got:

The small, fatty rings of intestines, vigorously spiced with hints of pepper, were at once savory and arresting; they just about melted on my tongue but the heat lingered in my cheeks. Topped with pico de gallo, guacamole and a tomatillo salsa (my favorite), they delighted my taste. They were plenty salty for just a single taco - if I'd been having another taco, I would definitely have gone for a more somber carnitas to balance the light organ meat.

I want to go to Mexico for the food alone.

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