25 July 2011

dispatch from the imagi-nation

where I'm livin' for the present and the future don't exist.

Where the important things are spicy chai,

tongue-in-cheek transport,

music that shakes you through your lungs (I had to sit down to make it through the second half of Metal Mother's set because I could barely breathe)

and glassy surf.

The crazy world gets crazier.

Never mind Amy Winehouse dead, eighty have been massacred in Norway.

It's phenomenal: Bees have swarmed at my house.

Unlike the deer, who raid the garden daily, the bees have always kept a considerate distance; they have always seemed self-sufficient.

They bees have so much to teach us.

There's no such thing as altruism!

Not when any good is inherently mutually beneficial.

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