30 July 2011

midsummer garden

Our garden is the best thing here in the country. My very favorite chore is picking the beans - wax and purple - which are in full swing, eating a handful straight off the vine before sauteeing the rest in olive oil with lemon juice and dill.

We are lucky this year to have a decent round of tomatoes. Last year's tomato blight meant we didn't get tomatoes until August and even then only a few; for the past weeks, I've happily been noshing on the sweetest cherry tomatoes - they're so much better than anything you can get at any store.

And let's not even get started on the beets, which are, at this very moment, being pickled in the kitchen!

However, the time has come for me to leave the country once again, as new adventures await in the form of grad school. This will be my first time living in the Bay Area, and I'm happy to have found a place in the East Bay with a mighty fine garden - full of squash and fruit trees, pears and figs - that will, I hope, make it worth my while to move for the eighth time in the past year, relocating to a place of cultural and vegetable plenty.

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