23 August 2011

don't you know that talking about a revolution sounds like a whisper?

Last night uncertain how to prepare for my first day of grad school I listened to jj and The Weeknd and Radiolab and trimmed my fingernails and played with my housemate's cat and drank hot chocolate even though it wasn't cold and read a copy of sova that came to me from Iceland via Berlin without registering that it's a different language in which the word means sleep and stuck a picture of my dog from when I was eleven in a locket that two good friends sent me from Portland and didn't think about any of the big questions like what does this mean for my future?

Today I woke up ready for the alarm and had oatmeal and genmaicha for breakfast and dressed in a denim skirt and a navy blue striped shirt put on the locket and took the bus to school where I listened to people who for not long will be strangers speak accepting that this is the place and got gluten-free pizza for lunch and a whole lot of books and talked to among others a certain Cynthia and a certain Juliana and a woman whose god-given name is Sailor.

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