11 October 2011


Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street has come to Oakland.

We have the hashtags #occupyoakland and #hellaoccupy on Twitter, a Facebook page, a website and a blog. Tumblr's active, too.

Even Huffington Post is all over this shit.

Of course, it's hard to say just what's going on without actually being there. When I went to the general assembly briefly with Cheena and Jose (P.S.: I'm on tumblr, too, sometimes) before their reading at Litquake in the City with Kate yesterday, I was happy to see tons of people I know - mostly poets, but also artists, musicians, students, farmers' market workers and teachers, as well as tons of people I don't know but would have liked to talk with. I'm going to go back tomorrow before class.

And for anyone who's thinking about getting off their ass, and getting out there, anywhere, here's a practical packing list for protesters courtesy of Matador.

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