08 October 2011


Frequency of poetic moments increasing.

Heidi and I were driving home from workshop in her sexy green Mustang-that-is-not-a-Mustang-whose-make-and-model-I-can-never-remember and stopped in the turn lane at 51st and Shattuck and a guy in an equally sexy but blue Ford was stopped in the opposite turn lane. We were singing and dancing and chatting and even waving at him but somehow he failed to notice the complementary cars and the fact that both of their drivers were wearing black beanies.

I am in love with my workspace.

Literally up to my knees (practically my thighs, actually; all of my semester's books aren't shown here) in experimental literature.



geneviève bjargardóttir said...

i love it too, your workspace
your desk especially - amazing

Maya said...

in progress :)

Sidsel T. said...

As Geneviève said, your desk is amazing! I think I love your workspace too!

Maya said...

thanks, sidsel!