08 November 2011

good things come in bowls



Heat wave of Indian summer replaced by a post-Halloween cold snap. Lots of occasions for oatmeal in all its seasonal incarnations.

From top: oats with persimmon, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds; oats with goldren raisins, pepitas and shredded coconut; (dessert) oats with cocoa, rice milk and honey.


Stacy said...

Yum. I've just started up the oatmeal season myself. I used to do bananas and chopped roasted almonds. Now I'm back to the ever so unhealthy oatmeal and brown sugar. I tried it with blackstrap molasses but wasn't too keen on that flavour first thing in the a.m.
Your post made me wonder what it would taste like with coconut milk!

Maya said...

bananas + chopped roasted almonds sounds delicious. would you try blackstrap molasses + coconut milk? that seems kind of hard to me. but coconut milk and fruit - bananas or mango maybe, with nuts, too - yum...