06 December 2011

concrete washout

"With so much available language, is it really necessary to write more?"
-Kenneth Goldsmith

Finishing up. My first semester. In graduate school. For writing. Is making me. Not want. To write. At all.

Not that I don't want to language (language, v. to use language).

I'm just sick of writing stuff down. Because it's all already been said.

I'm way more interested in rearranging.

I'm interested in what happens when you juxtapose nearly-contradictory words so that the ambiguity jumps out.

I'm interested in the shapes of sounds and where they are found - but not on a scientific level.

This is not science, this is life affecting nonlife.

All of life may be problematical. Or problematic.

We do it for pleasure, not to kill ourselves.

"And how do you perform?"
"You go from anyplace to anyplace."
-Anne Tardos, Jackson Mac Low

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