08 December 2011

he showed me the door to bohemia

i saw jonathan richman last night at the great american music hall a life-long dream i hadn't even realized i'd been dreaming came true when i heard his voice live only amplified not recorded unbelieveable after he'd only been vinyl and mp3 and speaker output for so long and singing to me and making eye contact even then breaking it and breaking away from the microphone to shout a little it's a great party and to dance twirling his guitar and finally setting down the guitar gyrating like a motherfucker then picking up a cowbell there is chanting chanting kiss kiss toast toast kiss kiss toast toast i don't know what it means i don't care i am here and i get it i was a brat he says my parents dropped me off in harvard square when i was sixteen they knew i didn't care about drugs the people i was hanging out with they were older i was making pretentious art all i wanted to do was make art and they showed me the door to bohemia the audience is all singing along everybody every once in a while johnny steps away from the mic he is counting on us we will show him the door to bohemia this is the party it doesn't matter if the words are in italian they all just mean it's a great party la festa e la bomba that translates pretty easily and it's easy to sing along with too now what i want to know is when might i expect to stop being a brat

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Terry said...

I saw him in Leeds (UK) last night (I had seen him before, in 1983) and it was just how you described it. Magical.