12 December 2011

what's going on here anyway?

Current phenomena of interest:

West Coast Port Shutdown, duh. Actions all over the nation...

Becoming, as articulated in Deleuze & Guattari's rhizome theory. "It could be said that the orchid imitates the wasp, reproducing its image in a signifying fashion (mimesis, mimicry, lure, etc.). But this is true only on the level of the strata - a parallelism between two strata such that a plant organization on one imitates an animal oganization on the other. At the same time, something else entirely is going on: not imitation at all but a capture of code, surplus value of code, an increase in valence, a veritable becoming, a becoming-wasp of the orchid and a becoming-orchid of the wasp..." If I could ever write a piece this incisive I would be a happy, happy lady.

The fractal - from the Latin fractus meaning broken - nature of poetics as well as math and what we call natural science. A dynamical system of repeated transformations demonstrating statistical self-similarity containing expansions within itself having the potential to induce chaos with the incorporation of chance. (Sounds like learning a new language (although how anybody has time for practical French podcasts is beyond me; it's a mystery I'd like to explore) to me.) And I do believe that sentence was grammatical.

So beautiful!

In other news: I have a ponytail now!

Yes! Only like two more years until an updo is within reach.

It's been hell of a semester. Hell, it's been a hell of a year. When I claimed last New Year's Eve that 2011 was going to be the year of the radical, I could not possibly have imagined such a year full of transformation as this one has been. And it's not over yet. It's not even winter yet! And it's 40 degrees! On the coast of California! Jeez!

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