27 January 2012

maybe a subscription to the paris review would make me feel better about things

I have trouble understanding why people give stupid presents.

I am slow to realize when someone mistreats me, it is always so surprising: evil is somehow unreal.

I would rather be bored alone than with someone else.

I do not say “A is better than B” but “I prefer A to B.”

Sometimes I realize that what I’m in the middle of saying is boring, so I just stop talking.  

I find fresh air more intoxicating than drugs.

I can sleep with my arms around someone who doesn’t move.

I prefer desire to pleasure.

Often, I wish it were tomorrow.

A burn on my tongue has a taste.

I have stepped on a rake and had the handle hit me in the face.

Even if it is an odd sort of present, I thank my father and mother for having given me life.

Or I should just read a shit ton of Édouard Levé.

20 January 2012

now you're speaking my language

if you're a meat eater
you should probably be eating

want to go out
to eat?


i love to cook
but some nights
i just can't

it has nothing
to do
with being

i'm not crazy
but i might be

what have you
been doing
to take care
of yourself?

going around hoping
those moments are not
the ones when i am on


these are
not mushrooms
they are snails

that is not a watch

this is not a practice this is
a picture

i can never remember
if it's the more or less

the more complicated one

a wish

i don't want to leave
i can't imagine keeping

to look
is a complicated
way of

05 January 2012

question of the year

 how do



experimental poems that appeal

to people

outside of the avant-garde poetry community?

no, seriously.


03 January 2012

kitsch / classic


Cayucos (from the Chumash word for 'kayak' or 'canoe'):
land that time forgot

I've been to the beach every day this year. 

01 January 2012


Hi internet,
This is the official press release for Volume 2, Issue 1, of the Sunshine Chronicles.

PERSPECTIVES features drawings from Kenny Johnson & poetry from Annette Plascencia amidst various reportings from Occupy Oakland & other phenomena.

Winter 2012. The time is now. We. Are. Your. Friends. Etc. etc.

I'd like you to have a copy, if you'd like to have one.

apocolypse wow

- what is the good thing about kitties that possesses them all of the same smell - especially the long-haired black ones? this time when i came home to my parents' house for a visit it was to find a certain "city kitty" or "intruder" or "princess" (depending on who's talking) has adopted my family, and it didn't take her long to warm to me. her warmth is comforting as the wind swirls around trying to drag the half moon down over the lake & into the sea...

- i love the sound of "twenty-twelve": three syllables so much easier on the tongue than "two thousand eleven." twenty's so much more casual, yeah? makes me think there's a lot more room for play. plus even numbers seem more approachable than odd ones. i don't feel one way or the other that it's going to be a "good one" or a "tough one" - i'm just excited to be alive & awake. yesssssssss!

- last december i dubbed 2011 the year of the radical; now of course i want to make another prophecy. there's no way i'm going to be able to come up with such a spot-on one for 2012, but i'm going with the year of youth - for claiming youth, for inhabiting youth & for youth taking action

- i swear i am poemstoned. all these words having their effects on me. anyway, starting today i am doing this: a piece of art every day for a month! anyone can do it! everyone's invited!

- my resolution: i'm growing out my hair because i honestly have no idea what it looks like long and natural and i'm curious.

wishing a joyful & inspired new year to all!