01 January 2012


Hi internet,
This is the official press release for Volume 2, Issue 1, of the Sunshine Chronicles.

PERSPECTIVES features drawings from Kenny Johnson & poetry from Annette Plascencia amidst various reportings from Occupy Oakland & other phenomena.

Winter 2012. The time is now. We. Are. Your. Friends. Etc. etc.

I'd like you to have a copy, if you'd like to have one.


CW said...

I enjoyed the last issue, 'Self Sufficiency,'
and this one looks interesting too..
please send me one!

Anonymous said...


I followed Julia's mudthroat blog to the southpaw press page and just happened upon the sunshine chronicles. I've been working on a similiar project and I'd be really excited to check out the perspectives issue. I'd totally be down to pay printing costs/postage/etc if necessary.

if that's even possible, you can get ahold of me at joe.kiefer1 at gmail dot com